Angel Valuations Inch Up

How much to Angels typically invest and at what company valuation?  Angel valuations are inching up per the Halo Report for Q2 2012:

  • Company valuations for early stage financing rounds with Angels are $2.7 million in Q2 2012, up from $2.5 million in Q1 (median, pre-money valuations).
  • Typical angel investment rounds total $550,000 for Angel-only rounds and $1.5 million with VC’s involved (these are median values; the mean values are higher at  $1 million and $4 million.
  • And VC’s have Angels co-invest in 72.5% of their deals.
  • And half of Angel  deals are in tech-related fields  (Internet, Software, Mobile, Telecom).

You can download a 16-page pdf of highlights here.