This is Digital First, at the Financial Times


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Based on the calculations below, for the Financial Times, digital leads print in

  1. Paid subscribers
  2. Total Revenues
  3. Revenue per subscriber.

“The number of readers subscribing to increased 18% in the year to 31 December 2012 to almost 316,000, bringing the total circulation of the Financial Times to 602,000. It said 15% of these subscriptions had come from mobile which accounts for 30% of all traffic.”   Source of quote:

Digital Revenues:

ft digital pricine

316,000 @ $446/year is $141 million from digital

Print Revenues:

 ft print pricing

286,000 @$339/year is $97 million from print.

Digital revenues are 59% of total revenues, excluding any impact of discounting or single copy sales.

This is digital first.