A Yodle IPO in 2013?

Yodle, the leading Silicon Alley-based digital marketing platform for small businesses, is “strongly considering” an IPO, according to CEO Court Cunningham, as reported by Street Fight.

Yodle is profitable and generating over $130 million in revenue annually, Cunningham said recently.

Yodle bought Atlanta-based Lighthouse 360, it was reported today.  Lighthouse 360 has built an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system for dental offices which reportedly does a terrific job integrating all those systems in a dentist’s office.  Yodle plans to expand the technology each of its 30 verticals.

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Some other metrics of note.

  • Yodle has $130 million annual revenues, and 30,000 mostly smaller clients with an average of $4k per client per year.

ReachLocal stock closed today at $13.50, up more than 2x in 14 months.

Update:  March 7

A Yodle source gave me some other revenue numbers, expecting 35% growth this year.

2011:  $75 million

2012: $130 million

2013F:  $175 million.