Using Location to Book Local SMB Services

Location is a key factor in booking local SMB services, and these transaction will increasingly move from offline to online.  Streetfight profiles today 6 early stage companies pursuing this vision.Westchester_Chappaqua1-527x375

  1. MyTime takes up to 40% of bookings made through its platform, focusing on filling up slow times of the day for merchants.
  2. ClubLocal takes 20-30% of bookings, and pre-screens merchants before listing.
  3. Booker is appointment scheduling software.
  4. YourMechanic books auto mechanics to come to your driveway.
  5. Thumbtack is a bidding platform for homeowners to get help with local handyman
  6. Redbeacon, now owned by Home Depot, is a booking platform for all those workmen in overalls in Home Depot every day to get jobs with consumers who need help.

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