StarcomMediaVest: The Agency Customer View of GeoTargeting

Derek Thompson is global managing director of mobile practice at ad agency StarcomMediaVest’s (SMG).  He was interviewed by Steven Jacob of Street Fight, and here are a few excerpts.  The full story is here.  In his words, somewhat condensed:


  • Broad appeal. Across Starcom MediaVest’s portfolio, I cannot think of one client that is not interested in this space. You have consumer-packaged-goods…auto manufacturers…travel companies.  Across the board, brands are curious about location.
  • KFS:  Integration with ad serving, real time optimization, scale vs objective.  The ability to integrate third party ad-serving is a critical component. And the ability to manage and optimize accounts in real time in real time in terms of delivery, execution and results is also extremely important…the minimum requirements to get going. The other one across this space is to have access to the right inventory…if you cannot get distribution of that great idea because your first-party publisher partners are not there or you’re only working with a certain segmentsof applications, then you’re going to be limited. 
  • Location trumps third-party reporting: To identify where a consumer is at a special time and message them based on that information. to help us understand audience based on where that device has been seen.  We can try to do it through third-party reporting, likes, and content but that’s often misleading.
  • Complexity.  The space is so fragmented, there are so many different offerings, or alleged offers, for brands, that they need help understanding it, they need reasons to get behind it…to test and learn.
  • In April, SMG announced a partnership with PlaceIQ to build out a new KPI.