Mobile Devices are really “Mobile Home”

girl-couch-using-mobile-phone-10815076A new Nielsen study puts to rest the common theme that mobile use is typically “on the go,” particularly with regards to shopping behavior.

A whopping 95% of tablet shoppers and 72% of smartphone shoppers who actually use their devices for purchasing do it on devices in their home.  Some other uses of smart phones in the home:

  •  86% of writing product reviews on a smartphone is in the home
  • 71% of posting comments on a product to a social network on a smartphone is in the home
  • 62% of reading product reviews on a smartphone is in the home.

What shopping behaviors on smartphones are done on the go?

  • 50% of price-checking on a smartphone is on the go
  • 56% of store locator usage on a smartphone is on the go

So, as pointed out in Mediapost, mobile is not mobile:

“Home is where the device is most of the time and where people have the time and inclination to drill deep. They also remind us that devices have become the go-to point of entry for online information, replacing the most uncomfortable way yet devised for consuming content — the desktop PC.  But most of all, they remind us how much of shopping is an iterative, multi-screen process that occurs over time.”

Image - couch potatoAny couch potatoes out there?  What is easier when reclining, browsing on your mobile device or tapping on your laptop?