The Big Trends in Fashion Now

There are five big trends in fashion right now, according to Metamorphic Ventures Partner David Hirsch.  I think he is spot on.  They are:

1.  Personalization and Curation.  How I hate sorting through clothing racks in stores.  It’s a pleasure to click on your size, fabric, and other preferences and avoid all that wasted time.

2.  Experiential and Aspirational.  Branding and marketing are here to stay.  Not a new trend, but I’ll go with it.

3. Omnichannel.  Offline and online have blurred. David calls this ubiquitous commerce. The end user experience needs to incorporate both.  Readers of this blog know I’ve been big champion of this.

4.  Collaborative Consumption. Sharing clothing?  And not among family members?  Yup.

5.  Wearables.  Dick Tracy is here.  Wearable tech is in.  OK, it may look goofy but give it time.  The possibilities are vast.  Also, the connected home is in, but that’s for another post.


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Disclosure:  On Grid Ventures LLC is a investor in Metamorphic Ventures.