Coast Guard Plans To Block Hudson River Between Haverstraw and Montrose

The Coast Guard has outlined 10 anchorages for hazardous barges on the Hudson River which will disrupt river traffic, including sailors and other recreational vessels.  The Montrose site, shown here, will cover 127 acres of open water, and will impede boating at Stony Point and Haverstraw.Montrose

The Coast Guard is asking for public feedback on the plan by September 7.  The full list of anchorages is here.

Opponents to the plan include Dutchess County, which says the anchorages increase risks for oil spills and pollution, and spoil the river’s natural beauty. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano says the proposal “will lead to the re-industrialization of our pristine Hudson riverfront.”

These anchorages do not belong on the scenic Hudson River.  Please contact Craig Lapiejklo of the Coast Guard First District ( and your local elected officials to express your concern.

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