Investment Criteria

Here are six of our investment criteria:

  • Our hot spots.  Our current investment areas are posted here.  For more background on each of these areas, please read our most recent posts, organized in categories by these investment areas, and check out our twitter feed.
  • Real competitive edge.  Why will you win vs. your competition?  Please give this some thought, and assume the competition wakes up and defends its turf.  We look to invest in “best in class” companies that will be #1 in their market.
  • The CEO.  We look for vision, leadership qualities, uncanny drive, intelligence, smarts, results-focus, and high professional standards and ethics.
  • A game changer.  Either big potential as a standalone company, or a key piece of a greater solution in the not-too-distant future. Not just an incremental solution.
  • Value added by On Grid Ventures.  We’ve overseen and grown companies, and want to help grow yours.  We will respect your time, and will vary our involvement over time based on the circumstances.  We do like to be a value added investor, and a New York City metro location is preferred.
  • Angel and entrepreneur-friendly terms.  Our first investment in a company is generally in angel and pre-series A rounds.  We consider company stage, valuation, the need for additional rounds of capital, and potential exit scenarios.

To submit an investment opportunity for an initial screening, please email us a short 1-2 page summary, or a presentation deck of no more than 5-10 slides. You can also submit to New York Angels or Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, and list us as your contact.

To see the On Grid Ventures portfolio companies, click here.