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  • Introducing The Localist (Advertising Age)  Many players in the content business are building new websites to provide “hyperlocal” local coverage — comprehensive community news that sometimes goes down to the block level — in bids for highly engaged readers and countless small advertisers.  This Ad Age article by Jason E. Klein is based on NNN’s original research on “Localists,” which he defined as people regularly consuming content in at least four areas of local news: community events, community news, local government, local business, shopping, finance, sports and real estate.
  •  Will Tablets Kill the Newspaper Star? (Neiman Journalism Lab)  In the increasingly competitive world of journalism, it’s easy to start declaring winners and losers. The reality will likely be somewhere in between; just as television didn’t kill radio, there’ll be room for lots of different kinds of news outlets in the Internet age.  In this piece authored for the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard, Jason E. Klein argues that tablets aren’t going to sweep away the  newspaper business any time soon. 
  • A Guarantee to Marketers (New York Times)  In a breakthrough approach to selling traditional media, Jason E. Klein and the NNN offered an unprecedented guarantee to marketers:  If a multi-local campaign fails to pay for itself in retail sales results in the top 100 markets, the advertiser can get money back.  Stuart Elliot, the highly regarded advertising columnist for the New York Times, covers the deal.

The Federal Communication Commission has been holding hearings on how the digital era has impacted the information needs of local communities.  The U.S. Government, itself a top advertiser, is wedded to network TV in its ad mix, much more so than major advertisers and industry best practices.  Jason E. Klein was asked to speak before the FCC about how local communities could be better served by a change in government practices.

  • Newspapers: Down but Not Out (Advertising Age  In this piece in Advertising Age, Jason E. Klein argues the the survival of the newspaper industry requires industry consolidation and a true multi-platform strategy for paid content.